Rewards for Rwanda: A Different Way to Partner for Progress

The Relationship Coffee Institute has developed an innovative profit-sharing program called Sustainable Harvest Premium Sharing Rewards™. The program was developed as a way to incentivize farmers in a respectful way to encourage further training and technical assistance, and implement those skills to produce better crops.

In Sustainable Harvest Premium Sharing Rewards™, farmers earn points for attending trainings and implementing the skills they learn. These ‘reward points’ accrue over time and can be used to acquire tools, like pruning shears, or other goods, like mobile phones and solar lights. The assets are funded in part by roasters, who take a portion of the value-added price they get from roasting or retailing the coffee and return it to the Sustainable Harvest Premium Sharing Rewards™ program nonprofit fund. One of the program’s strengths is that it lets the women select the assets that will most benefit them. Sustainable Harvest Premium Sharing Rewards™ is a revolutionary way to give back to farmers and place the power in their hands.

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